We function as a flexible organization and we own high quality storage and transport capacity, the IT infrastructure that, with the appropriate equipment and programs, enables successful and efficient operations, high speed data processing, which finaly results in a quick turnover of products.
Since August 2010 we operate in the new facilities with 400 sqm office space, 700 sqm block and 800 sqm pallet warehouse, which is equipped with the applicable GDP and GSP standards. During 2012 and 2013 we had significant investments. We expanded warehouse by 500 sqm as well as office place by 200 sqm. Also we increased number of vans used for transporting of goods.

Storage and transportation of products to the end user is provided in the cold chain, with continuous monitoring and recording of all the given parameters (temperature, humidity,..).
Delivery of products is performed in the period from 2 to mostly 24 hours, with three air-conditioned delivery vehicles.
Glosarij gives special attention to the development of IT solutions, which is also the framework of high-quality logistics and support to all procedures in the company.
All key segments of the company business strategy are supported by the information technology:
Material and financial management, reporting, planning, management procedures of storage and distribution of medicines and medical supplies, delivery to the final customers, etc.
Our mission is to provide top quality services which includes continuous improvement of IT solutions.


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ISO 9001 certificates
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