The company Glosarij was founded in 1992 in Cetinje and it was the first privately owned pharmaceutical wholesaler in Montenegro.

Glosarij`s main activity is trade in medicines, medical devices, disposable medical supplies and other products designed for the health care market.
Nearly two decades, due to quality, innovative and ethical business practice, Glossary follows the ascending line of progressive and steady growth.
Continuous market research, the presence in all entities of public and private health care system, specific relationship with customers and suppliers, the accuracy and reliability, has made us a recognizable and reliable partner and one of the most successful companies in the region.
Glosarij bases its business practice on core values of the professional relationship with customers, creating a safe and healthy work environment, timely problem solving and teamwork.

Our mission

Active participation in the market supply chain with human medicines, medical devices, nutraceutical and cosmetic products in the region.
Company`s growth is based on the continuous monitoring of the latest developments in the pharmaceutical business activities with constant focus on our customers and understanding of their needs, with a tendency of permanent improvement of service quality.

Our vision

Timely response to changes in the increasingly demanding market, makes our vision directed towards setting the standards of modern business activities in warehousing, distribution, sale and presentation of foreign manufacturers.
We intend to remain distinguished by impeccable relationship with customers, high quality products and services, continuous development and above all by an ethical business practice.

Development strategy

Glosarij is the first pharmaceutical wholesaler in Montenegro certified by ISO 9001 standard, which is a confirmation of a long-standing business successes and efforts, and, at the same time, an iniciative for new achievements and developments in high demanding job of pharmaceutical products distribution.


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ISO 9001 certificates
ISO 9001 certificates
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